Gleaners Guild

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The Gleaners Guild

A very old practice has laid down new roots in Waterloo Region. Tired of seeing you fruit trees drop rotten fruit all over your yard? We can help! Love eating freshly picked food and spending time with like-minded people? Join us!

The Gleaners Guild joins food recovery groups from across North America to take part in gleaning activities and create a network of volunteer harvesters!

A common model, and the model currently used by the Gleaners Guild, is that the volunteers harvest fruit on public or private land that might otherwise go to waste: 1/3 of the harvest goes to the property owner, 1/3 gets donated to local organizations such as Food Banks or local soup kitchens, and volunteer harvesters will receive 1/3 of the harvest to enjoy themselves, as well as the satisfaction that hard work and friendly companionship brings!

Reducing Waste,
Sharing Food &
Building Community