Gleaners Guild

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Let us harvest on your property!

Do you have a tree that you can’t keep up with? A garden that grows more than you need? A field ready to be tilled under with edible produce still available? Let us come do the work for you! We’ll leave it cleaner than we found it, and you’ll get some of the harvest too!

Examples of places we would like to harvest: Residential trees and gardens, community gardens, farms, abandoned orchards, commercial properties, schoolyards, and public spaces

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Volunteer Gleaners

Be available to glean when the call goes out! For the most part, gleaning has taken place at local farms, but we are hoping to build a larger database of residential properties who need some food/fruit harvested!

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Other Current Needs

Supplies and Equipment

Donations of gardening and yard equipment are always welcome (please contact us to arrange!) but most needed are things like fruit picking poles, ladders, berry and other collecting baskets. Thank you!

Outreach Coordinator

Includes maintaining the Twitter and Facebook accounts, and some infrequent outreach (more details, supplies, and training provided!) ~2 hours per week.

Local Farm Liason

This outgoing individual will be the liason with one of the local farms (including 3 urban farms) to arrange gleaning dates and volunteers. All information, introductions and training will be provided! Time commitment will vary. This is one of the most exciting volunteeer positions available and a great way to build a relationship with one of your local farmers!

Let us know if you are interested in any of these positions!

Looking forward to hearing from you!